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Hot Rolled Picked and Oiled

Hot rolled coil or sheet steel that has been descaled of oxide film by either a chemical method, mechanical method, or a combination of both and oiled to help retard corrosion during storage and after descaling. “HRPO” is available in various gauges, widths, and cut lengths or coil.

Hot Rolled

Hot Rolled Sheet steel is a flat rolled product exhibiting a light, tight oxide. It is produced to chemistry, formability or strength requirements.

Electro Galvanized

A coated product commonly referred to as ‘EG’. the coating is essentially pure zinc applied via and electrolytic process. the coating weight is designated by a 2-digit numeric indicating the coating weight per side. EG is also available as an iron-zinc product, which can compete with galvanneal.


This coated product contains approximately 55% aluminum, 43% zinc, and 2% silicon. Major applications are for metal building components, including roofs, side sheets, and structural members. the coating weight of the product is preceded by ‘AZ’ which is designated for Galvalume.


Galvanneal is a two -sided product where the zinc coating is heat treated and transformed to and iron/zinc alloy. This results in a smooth, gray matte finish.


Hot Dip Galvanized is a two -sided, zinc coated product produced through a continuous process comprised of cleaning, annealing and coating. It is available in a wide range of qualities, including specifications with good forming characteristics and high strengths. A variety of coating weights are available.

Cold Rolled

Cold Rolled Sheet is produced in a variety of qualities, surface finishes, strength levels, and chemistries. Cold Rolled Sheet steel is produced from Hot Rolled Sheet with additional processing steps including pickling, cold reduction, annealing and temper rolling. Cold Rolled is a product that has been cold reduced, as opposed to hot rolled, in order to impart specific mechanical properties, surface finish, gauge tolerance and strip shape.

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